3 Spaces Leading The Charge With Immersive Experiences

As technology and consumer expectations continue to progress, immersive experiences are becoming more accessible and popular. This approach to storytelling is one of the smartest design trends, as it engages visitors by engaging a variety of their senses. In order to be inspired, and make the most of immersive experiences, here are three spaces executing this idea exceptionally well. 

Heard Museum: Substance of Stars Sky-Dome – Phoenix 

The Substance of Stars Sky-Dome exhibit examines the collection of the Heard Museum from Indigenous perspectives, across a wide variety of media and time periods. It incorporates Indigenous languages, sky knowledge, and spiritual values, and includes elements of the origin stories that form Native identities.

The  Sky-Dome captivates visitors by offering a 360-degree view of images and sounds from the natural landscape. They virtually enter the land of each community: the southwest desert, the arctic seascape, the woodlands, mountains, and hills, at different seasons and times of the day. 

To bring this to life, the Heard Museum used display systems (including four video projectors and outboard playback speakers), as well as video and audio source equipment. The speakers, tuned and aligned for complete coverage of the dome area, and imagery leave a lasting impression on visitors. 

The Eden Project – Cornwall

It’s been said that The Eden Project is a “mind-boggling feat of architecture and biological engineering,” and it’s easy to see why. Created to transform what was formerly a barren clay mine into a beautiful global garden, Eden includes massive covered Biomes, allowing visitors to walk through the world’s largest indoor rainforest. It also boasts Outdoor Gardens, contemporary artworks, performances and storytelling. 

The Eden Project uses AV technology to enhance visitor experiences as well as invite immersion from a distance. For example, they hosted ‘Rainforest Reconnect,’ a live-streamed well-being experience, featuring singers, yoga, and narration live from the Rainforest Biome. The interactive experience was brought to life using several META Camera 360° video cameras.

Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion – New York City

On display at the Hall des Lumières is this incredible art experience described as a “thematic journey through the golden, sensuous and revolutionary art of the Viennese painter.” It displays great works of art by Gustav Klimt in a completely immersive environment. 

Guests who enter the historic building will find animated, glowing 30-foot-high custom displays of images from celebrated paintings. The art is further synchronized to an original soundtrack and mapped to the marble walls, towering columns, stained glass skylights, and coved ceilings. This takes the idea of immersive experiences to a new level. 

If you are looking for inspiration for your next build, look no further than harnessing creativity, technology, and the senses to deliver an immersive experience. There are many ways to apply this across industries, but one thing is clear: this is one of the design trends worth watching. Interested in working with an AV partner to bring such an experience to life? Give us a call!

One of the most exciting recent design trends is storytelling through immersive experiences. Here is a look at three spaces using this trend and wowing visitors.