DirecTV for Healthcare Facilities

Easy integration and nationwide contracts make DirecTV a great choice for many providers.

DirecTV offers a number of advantages when it comes to content providers in the healthcare space:

  • DirecTV offers a wealth of channels and content, the service is very consistent, and it carries the same products nationwide.
  • Healthcare providers with locations across the country prefer working with DirecTV since they can negotiate a single contract based on all their beds nationally, instead of making smaller deals with several regional cable providers.
  • Because DirecTV integrates with healthcare specific systems like PDi, channel selection and guide functions can be controlled with standard connected remotes or pillow speakers (which are designed to be disinfected and won’t get lost or stolen). On personal touch screens, the DirecTV interface can be controlled by the front panel of the TV itself. The DirecTV receiver can then be placed outside of the patient room in a communication closet, away from the patient treatment area.

Thanks to its broad popularity, PIVIUM has extensive experience installing and maintaining DirecTV systems.

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