Direct View LED Displays

Seamless content from any angle.

Direct View LED is an increasingly popular video wall solution because of its ability to deliver seamless images in a wide variety of dimensions with impressive viewing angles. Create the immersive environments with the same display technology you see in Times Square or on the Las Vegas Strip. Direct View LED has numerous benefits over projection and LCD, with incredible color saturation and image quality.

A direct view LED uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to render video display technology in red, blue, and green colors. As an emissive light technology, these screens display images brighter and in higher contrast than LCDs. It uses thousands of LEDs to create an image. LEDs don’t require a backlight, emitting a colored light when the right amount of voltage is applied.

Direct View LEDs can be used as indoor or outdoor signage. They offer a host of attractive characteristics—they are bright, reliable, energy-efficient, and deliver the best color accuracy and refresh rates versus any other type of display.

They are the ideal choice for large-scale digital signage installations that require high-impact visuals. With this technology, brands can create unique configurations with screens with no visible seams or gridlines.

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