AV System Planning & Design

Integrate AV technology into your project plan at any stage of your process and ensure compatibility across systems.

In an ideal world, AV planning is done as a project kicks off. As part of the pre-design process systems, interfaces, entry points and all relevant use cases are considered. However this luxury is not always possible.Often times, a renovation project presents limitations such as infrastructure, size, or light. Understanding these variables and how to work around – not ignore them – is essential to proper design and planning.

Each phase of the design process is important to the AV planning process. For example, an entire waiting room may be cut in half or eliminated in schematic design if a workflow contains automatic check in or an entry kiosk application.

Or a common issue across all verticals is the proper amount of closet and equipment space. Many systems supported by AV and IoT have space and power requirements in a central, accessible location. Planning for this from the start – or knowing the limitations of a space if we are not working from a “clean slate” will ensure a project’s success.

Our team applies knowledge to whatever iterative phase you begin – whether it be Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bid, Negotiation or Construction. This ensures the AV experience meets the project goals and exceeds expectations for what is possible with budget constraints and project restrictions.

The common thread of our existence is to be a resource or subject matter expert for the planning, design and construction team. From start to finish we strive to be a tool belt everyone gets to wear.

Services Include

AV Engineering
Engineers, programmers, and CAD designers ready to assist you with your AV projects from small conference room AV systems to large video walls and entertainment spaces.
Often the use of a space is an evolution. Implement, adjust. Implement, adjust. Prototyping through the right technology application for a set of use cases often must be done in order to adapt.
Cabling Infrastructure Design & Engineering
Evaluation of the current cabling infrastructure system needs as well as covering for the future, keeping in mind the ease of serviceability and meeting installation standards.
CAD Services
Customer concepts in design are produced via CAD which includes shop drawings to coordinate with other trades and production of documentation of the final project.
BIM Support
Revit modeling services allow you to build with greater accuracy and powerful visualizations.
Construction Documents
Production of the necessary documentation dictated by the scope of the project.
Product and System Evaluation
An on-site evaluation to see what technology is utilized and where additions or adjustments can be made to best fit the next phase of a business.

“To create, one must first question everything.”

– Eileen Gray

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