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Since 1991, PIVIUM has been designing audio visual solutions to enhance the human experience.

Our team of project designers works tirelessly with facility owners, designers and project staff to ensure that our implementation will meet the needs of the project no matter the space.

As we reflect on more than three decades years of serving the community with sustainable AV solutions, we have found that in successful implementations, we are helping our customers “pivot” towards providing a better human experience. By doing this, our clients put the built environment to work for them, allowing their staff and teams to focus on what they are there for – fostering the human experience.

Usually, it is the design – and not the technology – that is the pivoting factor in the ultimate experience of a space. We like to say “design eats technology for breakfast” as appropriate design should always precede the tech. In fact, the design of every built environment can be boiled down to how well it meets the needs of the people (humans) interacting with it.

We understand.

We design.

We transform.

It is our job to create spaces that cater to their most valuable asset — the humans.


Welcome to PIVIUM.

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