Human Focused Design Consulting and AV Planning

We are your guide and partner in matching the right technology solutions to your project.

To achieve the ultimate in human response, AV planning is integrated into project planning from the beginning.

Our methods uncover the various systems, interfaces, entry points and all relevant use cases for AV in your space. We ask questions about the senses. How will people see, hear and feel when they are in this space? What is the proposed workflow? And this is all before we even begin to talk about the technology. These are human questions.

Understanding all project restrictions and possible use cases for a space is essential to proper design and planning. For example, an entire waiting room may be cut in half or eliminated in schematic design if a workflow contains automatic check in or an entry kiosk application.

Our experience pushes boundaries and sometimes eases a team from their comfortable chairs. From this, we establish trust and a game plan for how to apply technology to enhance the human experience throughout your space.

Services Include

Comprehensive Technology Assessments
A team visits a site to assess the existing technology and systems already in place to make suggestions that will achieve a company’s goals.
Budgeting And Planning
Proper planning is the most important aspect of a project or initiative to ensure needs and budget are met within the project timeline.
Bid Writing
Investments begin with the discovery process of understanding the landscape then writing up an initial design before building a specification to bid to the marketplace.

“Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the evidence-based design process is to take the evidence and understand it, critically interpret it, and then interpret its relevance for the unique context of each project.”

- Roger Ulrich

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