Life Safety for Healthcare Facilities

Keep patients safe and secure with emergency alert, nurse call, and infant security systems.

Investment in new technology is making healthcare facilities safer than ever. Today’s systems go beyond prevention by providing data that can be used to monitor effectiveness, correlate with patient outcome reporting, and pinpoint where mishaps occur.

We work to help facilities create a safe and comfortable experience for patients, caregivers, and visitors alike.

Rapid emergency communication mitigates the risk of accidents within clinics and doctor’s offices. Passive security systems ensure infants, and adults, remain within specified boundaries.

In order to be effective, these systems must be intuitive so that a patient, caregiver, or nurse can simply use them when necessary without any training or assistance. In addition, these systems must be designed to blend in with the aesthetics of the room.

Safety systems require careful planning that takes into account all the variables and scenarios patients may encounter throughout a facility. Nurse call systems in particular have changed dramatically – extending their capabilities, along with their complexity, to play a much greater role in today’s customer-focused model of healthcare.

Planning & Installation

We offer complete planning and installation services for medical clinics, doctor’s offices, and inpatient facilities including:

  1. Infrastructure Planning & Build-out
  2. Nurse Call Audio Systems
  3. Internal Emergency Alert and Call
  4. Passive Infant Security
  5. Patient Wandering Prevention

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