Digital Signage

Advanced systems to guide, inform, educate, and entertain.

New display technology offers many other opportunities beyond navigation. Digital menu boards in a quick serve restaurant easily switch from breakfast to lunch and update to include new items. A digital donor wall in the reception area highlights local supporters. These display “canvases” can be used in limitless ways to support the mission of the facility.

Digital signage can also be used artistically. Panels of various sizes can be arranged in a mosaic fashion on a vaulted wall and abstract content played for a soothing experience. In another application you could play nature ocean scenes and have the rich sound play only to a specific spot on the floor. Or a large video wall built into an outdoor monument can be configured dynamically to show any type of content.

Displays come in many shapes and sizes and can be configured to compliment one another along with relevant content to reach an audience of any shape, size, form, disability or interest.

We provide content and signage system planning and installation services for hospitals and clinics including:

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