AV Solutions for Dialysis and Oncology

The right technology to ease patients through the treatment process.

Having worked with thousands of clinics around the country, we understand the unique needs of this type of facility. Emergency call systems are mission critical, and television uptime is essential since many patients are spending time in those chairs daily or weekly. There is not a “Facilities Manager” to call to handle your TV issues – and the Biomed is very busy!

We offer the latest in touchscreen arm-mounted systems to provide tech-savvy patients with a wide variety of entertainment options including live television, videos on demand, music, games, and Internet browsing, which helps avoid content fatigue often experienced by repeat customers. We recognize that your patients are spending multiple hours several days a week under your roof and providing this distraction is essential to the quality of care you provide.

By partnering with PIVIUM, your facilities can rely on our nationwide network of trusted and experienced service partners who can meet even the demanding 24 hour needs of a dialysis or oncology facility.

"You have the best team! You are always a pleasure to interact with. You understand the needs of our dialysis patients and how desperate they get when their TV is not working. Also your techs are so pleasant and really know their stuff."

Norina Bavaro, National Dialysis Clinic Provider

“PIVIUM has met our dialysis industry needs, providing superior products in the healthcare field, along with detailed communication with our clinics and vendors. They have an AAA team of experts whom I trust and would recommend to any business.”

Maureen, Liberty Dialysis-Hawaii/Fresenius Medical Care

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