Patient Touch-Screen Displays

Bring entertainment and comfort directly to patients and give them control.

For many conditions, administering the right treatment requires a great deal of time inside a hospital or clinic. During that time, patients tend to have very little control over their situation. That can lead to a stressful, tedious experience.

In order to address these concerns, PIVIUM has helped many facilities install personal touch-screen displays. These systems provide patients with a positive way to pass the time by offering a wide variety of entertainment options including on demand video, live TV, music, games, and web browsing.

In addition, these systems add a sense of control back into the patient experience, helping to relieve the stress caused by loss of control. The variety of programming options helps avoid the content fatigue often experienced by repeat customers in locations like dialysis clinics.

The small form factor of personal displays makes them ideal for situations where standard TVs might not be practical such as in emergency room or pre-op bays in hospitals. Movable mounts that patients can adjust assists those with limited eyesight. In addition, a 15 inch screen positioned 18 inches away from the viewer will appear much larger and clearer than a 42 inch screen that’s 10 feet away on the wall. Now all of a sudden small isn’t so small!

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