It’s more than how to get from one location to another.

It is an idea that says, we care about you, your needs, your concerns, your safety, your “way”, during a visit to your facility. Make life easier for the people in your spaces with advanced signage and navigation systems. Digital signage and wayfinding systems offer facilities the ability to help visitors navigate unfamiliar places and better understand the options available while they are there.

In smaller facilities, displaying a basic map with some directions might be all that visitors need. Larger campuses might employ a more powerful system that allows people to select a destination and then displays the route (or sends directions to their phone).

In addition to getting people from one place to another efficiently and safely, digital wayfinding presents other opportunities to enhance the human experience. If you are able to engage with an individual when they enter your facility, digitally, then you have the ability to inform your workflow management/intake software that the person is “7 minutes away” for example. This presents a chance to greet someone, have a room ready or add another personal touch to create a memorable interaction. There are many touchpoints like this in digital wayfinding that are beyond the “given” getting someone from Point A to Point B.

Some of the many options available:

  • Interactive Wayfinding and Directions
  • Static Wayfinding and Maps
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Interactive Walls
  • Digital Signs

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