AV Solutions for Ambulatory & Outpatient Care Facilities

Guide, educate, and keep patients engaged throughout the outpatient process.


Since they are designed to facilitate shorter, quicker, outpatient visits, ambulatory care offices have different workflow needs than hospital facilities. Patients and families are more short-term and there is often less facility familiarity.

Surgery centers, for example, may benefit from bedside televisions or common area screens in the postoperative area, depending on the type of procedures they administer. Physician offices, on the other hand, might equip displays in waiting rooms and meeting areas, but forgo such technology in the examination rooms. The trend towards “waitingless” admission into a physician’s office simplifies workflow but adds a layer of technology complexity.

Ambulatory facilities effectively employ digital signage for corporate branding, education and wayfinding.


“Thanks for your continued efforts to make each RAI denovo, expansion and relocation we have going on now go smoothly. Your "get it done" attitude is an asset to our relationship, and it is sincerely appreciated!”

Joe Cottingham (Purchasing), Fresenius Medical Care

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