AV Solutions for Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Facilities

Make patients and families feel at home during the long road to recovery.

Long term acute care and rehabilitation facilities have unique technology requirements due to the nature of their patients’ acuities which may require intense treatment, often for extended periods of time.

Visiting family and friends may need help navigating the facility, and technology systems need to account for the fact that patients may not have full use of body or mind.

Whether patients stay for a few hours or for months, carefully tailored systems can keep them informed and engaged during and after treatment, and help prepare them for a return to home or office life.

"The most impressive thing about PIVIUM was their ability to adapt to changing environments. The scope of this project presented numerous opportunities for quick, decisive, and correct decision making. PIVIUM consistently showed that they were capable of maintaining the hospital's best interest as they worked alongside the other trades. No delays, changes, or scheduling challenges were ever a major problem to PIVIUM."

Steven La Belle, Project Manager, St. John Health System

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