4 Essential Elements for Successful Audio Visual Solutions

Question: What do you call a project manager who is working on a facility layout and managing multiple vendors? Answer: Stressed! Can you relate? If you’re like many of the project managers we’ve worked with, it’s all too likely you’re at your wit’s end trying to piece together AV systems and vendors that can fit your budget, timelines, and goals. And not knowing how to narrow down the choices may just be adding to the stress. 

But this doesn’t have to be your reality. Working with a partner like PIVIUM frees you from the chaos, and ensures you get the best AV systems for your facility. Here’s what we recommend keeping top of mind as you consider AV systems for your needs. 

1. Your Goal

First and foremost, what is the goal of the facility? What is the desired outcome with the facility layout and design plans? Are there any current or prior gaps in the AV systems being used? Any complaints? Typically, there will be one overarching goal for a facility, with numerous supporting goals underneath. It’s up to you to make sure you’re clear on the top priority, so you can make AV decisions accordingly. 

For example, you might be planning an outpatient rehab facility. If the goal of the facility is to create a more serene customer experience, you’ll want to consider how your choice in AV systems will contribute. Reduced clutter and stimuli usually increase serenity, so you might prioritize wireless options and those with soothing sound options. Knowing the clear goal at the outset gives you a filter by which you can make the right decisions along the way. 

2. End User Needs

There are always a lot of people to consider on a project, but the end-user deserves the lion’s share of your attention. In fact, the best designs today are built around the needs – and even the wants – of real people. 

For instance, you might need to put a resident monitoring system in place at a senior living center. Your true first step is to view this through the eyes of the people who will be living with it. Is there a way you can do this but grant them more freedom? More privacy? Better quality of life? When you start with this approach, you’ll end up with the best AV systems for everyone involved. 

3. Budget

Sure, we could recommend the trendiest – and priciest – audio visual solutions for healthcare systems and other facilities to every client we have. But that would be reckless and may not help you meet your goal. Instead, we work with you to dig into the details of what you truly need. You may want the fanciest interactive TV model on the market, but you may only need the model with fewer bells and whistles. We’ll always advise you to go with solutions that exceed your needs but still fit nicely within your budget.

4. Staffing

Your staff is critical in making your technology succeed. Without the right implementation plan, training programs, and staff considerations, even the best AV systems will flop. And what’s more, your AV solutions need to be selected with your staff’s workflows in mind. Some AV contractors will try to push certain systems that really have no place in your facility, given how your staff operates. If we recommend a specific type of teleconferencing system, for example, it will only be due to how seamlessly it integrates with your staff’s use. 

As you’re working through facility design plans, keep these four key elements top of mind. Need further help from a trusted AV partner? Give us a call.