Architecture Best Practices for Integrating AV Solutions into Healthcare Design Plans

If you design healthcare facilities, you know all too well that doing so effectively requires a unique understanding of many nuances. One of these is the impact that audio visual (AV) systems will have on the final building, workflow, and – most importantly – the patient experience. As you begin to kick off your next project, here are some best practices for integrating AV solutions into healthcare design plans

1. Collaborate Early

The optimal way to ensure you’re proactively planning your AV integration and design is by engaging an AV consultant very early in the process. This way, you have an audio video integrator specialist who can work alongside you to make sure your design is functional with the surrounding AV. And it’s not enough to have AV contractors; it’s best to work with true experts who are familiar with what’s specifically required in a healthcare space. Furthermore, early collaboration promises that every single cost can be taken into account upfront, so you increase your likelihood of staying on budget as the project progresses.

2. Consider the Logistics 

The next step is to dig into the details. Consider all systems, interfaces, entry points, and relevant use cases. This will help you map out potential project restrictions and possible uses for the space. It’s crucial that you and your AV partner discuss these elements at length, so you can properly design and plan. For example, an entire waiting room may need to be cut in half or eliminated in schematic design if a workflow contains automatic check-in or an entry kiosk application. Planning for variables like this (or common areas of concern like equipment closets) from the start, and knowing all limitations, will ensure a project’s success.

3. Focus on the Experience

Ultimately, the goal of all your efforts is to create an unmatched patient experience that helps those in a healthcare facility feel comfortable and heal. It’s always helpful to view your AV solutions through this lens. You can significantly impact the overall look, feel, and functionality of a healthcare center with the AV integration and design. Think about how a patient will experience the space in terms of their senses, and how your plans will drive that. How will people see, hear, and feel when they are in this space? The technology, and your design, should all be centered on these human considerations.

If you follow these best practices, you’ll ensure proactive planning and a smooth project. Looking for an AV partner to work with you on integrating AV solutions into healthcare design plans? That’s why we’re here. Give us a call any time.