ASHE PDC 2019 Post Show Wrap Up

We had an excellent reception of several tools that could be used to enhance the patient or resident experience at the recent ASHE PDC Conference and Exhibition in Phoenix, AZ. After all it was Florence Nightingale that said,

“Variety of form and brilliancy of color in the object presented to patients are an actual means of recovery.”

When entering a healthcare facility, a visitor is usually immersed in an unfamiliar environment and loses nearly all control over the experience. Providing simple, warm, and welcoming assistance can help give back that lost sense of control in the unfamiliar environment. This assistance can come from a wayfinding application that guides them to their destination, clearly thought out/planned digital landmarks or something as simple as clear and concise digital signage to identify their arrival.

Additionally, modern advances in neuroscience have shown a direct correlation between audio stimulus and our emotional state. How does sound (noise) play out in the facility you support?

We design audio-visual solutions that are built from the “human-up” – whether it be patient, staff, resident or guest. We immerse ourselves in healthcare and senior living because it is in these tender life chapters in which we can make the most difference. Therefore, we support organizations like ASHE and the Center for Health Design, made up of professionals working tirelessly to make patient and resident care better.

Let’s talk about all of the ways we can integrate solutions in your facilities. It may be easier than you think. Just send a message or give call us at 800.737.1930 to get started.