Healthcare AV Solutions to Improve the Waiting Room Experience

First impressions are formed when a patient walks through the doors of a medical facility. The level of integration of healthcare AV is a critical aspect of this impression, as well as how the facility functions for – and caters to – the patient. If your healthcare AV creates a calming atmosphere,  it will go a long way in smoothing the patient experience. From hospital equipment installation to completely redesigning your facility, here are some ways that AV experts like PIVIUM can set you up for success during this process.

1. Digital Signage

Digital signage in the healthcare environment should be straightforward and uncomplicated, to give patients a quick way to see relevant information. Interactive maps and real time statistics, such as wait times and common symptoms, move patients away from the front desk as they are able to find simple solutions to their problems quickly and on their own. 

Without the use of any digital signage patients are forced to ask the front desk employees for answers to their common questions. They’re also often left with uncertainty about what to expect in their appointments. Digital signage can solve these problems, shorten wait times, set expectations and improve the flow through the facility.

2. Streaming Video

Streaming videos are a simple AV medical solution to explain large amounts of complicated information to patients in a way that they can understand. These videos can include pictures, charts, and information that may not otherwise be available. This helps uncomplicate the complicated in an efficient manner.

Content in such videos should be relevant to the general age range and walks of life within which most patients fall. Collect FAQs from healthcare providers and front desk staff so you know what concerns they hear most commonly from patients. You can also conduct simple research to find out more prevalent issues that patients have so you can include data they’ll find most valuable. 

3. Interactive Touch Screens

Interactive touch screens are the modern solution to the menial tasks medical institutions require from patients. It is through this technology that patients are able to check in, schedule appointments and research other relevant pieces of information. A touch screen allows the front desk to focus on making sure each patient is given the correct information while avoiding careless mistakes and wasted time that happens when their attention is focused on checking patients into the facility. 

Also, interactive touch screens are still a great option, despite some concern about COVID-19 and touching a potentially contaminated surface. While the virus can technically spread this way, surfaces are not the primary vehicle of transmission. Furthermore, you can always provide patients with disposable gloves they can use if they’re worried, and/or hand sanitizer to use afterward.

Incorporating these AV elements into your medical facility waiting room is sure to increase patient satisfaction and elevate the overall experience. If you’d like help determining which healthcare AV solutions are the best fit for your facility, please give us a call.