Helping Patients Become Their Own Health Advocates

The healthcare field is chock full of professionals who care a great deal about helping the people who come through their doors. But doctors, nurses, and staff members are not the only ones who can be patient advocates; every patient can – and should – be equipped to advocate for themselves, too. Here is how hospital patient technology and audio visual (AV) advancements can help them do that. 

Education At Their Fingertips

We design and install a wide variety of AV solutions for healthcare facilities, including interactive TVs for patient rooms. While some assume that the TVs are there simply for entertainment value, they are also a portal to much more. In fact, the smart TVs that we recommend for patient rooms offer extensive content options, with healthcare content delivery being much better than it once was. 

Patients can use these devices to learn more about their diagnosis and treatment options. They can also use them to take back some semblance of control while in care, like making their choice of healthy meals that abide by their doctor’s suggested nutrition plan. 

Ongoing Support

Additionally, some AV systems can double as an avenue for communication with their medical team. More and more healthcare centers are embracing telemedicine, and having a secure way to facilitate this can go a long way in providing the support patients need to keep up with their doctors even when they cannot be together in person. 

AV advancements have helped make it possible for patients to be their own advocates. By having the right systems in place, the people in your care can become educated about their health conditions, make more informed choices, have better access to their medical team, and have more peace of mind. If you would like help designing your facility’s AV solutions, we would love to help!

Patients can become educated using AV to learn more about their diagnoses, treatments and options, and take charge of their journey. We’ll show you how.