Huddle Rooms: How Audiovisual Can Create a Productive Meeting Space

If you are working on a corporate space, does it have a huddle room yet? If not, there is no time like the present to consider incorporating one into an existing or new building. Here is some more information about what these rooms are, why they are growing in popularity and how audio visual design and meeting room technology can make them even more useful. 

What Is A Huddle Room? 

A huddle room is exactly as it sounds; a small room intended for impromptu meetings and casual collaboration. It gives employees an informal area they can use at the spur of the moment, without having to reserve it in advance or take up a larger conference room they do not need. 

Audio Visual Technology For Huddle Rooms

You might think a small space that is only used unofficially does not require much except for a few chairs. But huddle rooms can be made even more valuable with the right audio visual design. Start by considering which space can be adapted for this usage (oftentimes there may be a small room somewhere that has become somewhat of a junk room or one in the building plans that does not have a defined purpose yet). 

Then, think through all of the aspects of what makes for ideal collaboration. For example, lighting and acoustics are essential. The more you can bring natural lighting into a space, the better, and you should plan for insulation that keeps distracting sounds at bay. Also, consider the tools that will be used by the participants in the room. Will they need a display? Audio or video capabilities? An easel or writing wall? All of these elements can contribute to the right atmosphere for productivity in a huddle room. 

Working With The Right Partner

At PIVIUM, we have worked with architects, designers, and project managers to handle audio visual design and implement audio visual technology for huddle rooms. There is a lot we have learned along the way about what equipment works well in these spaces, the logistics of planning for integrations, and designing huddle rooms to accommodate how small teams tend to work together in off-the-cuff meetings. If you are interested in planning audio visual technology for huddle rooms, we would love to help!

You don’t always need a big conference room to have AV integrated. We’ll show you how to maximize your current space efficiently.