Incorporating Seasonality into AV Projects

When you think of audiovisual design and healthcare AV solutions you might think of technology and medical facilities. But AV healthcare trends do not have to consist of only these things. In fact, you can use AV in fun, inspiring and fresh ways. Here are a few ideas to help you incorporate seasonality specifically into upcoming healthcare projects. 

Spring Cleaning

Right now, spring is barreling toward us. But no matter the season, there are some themes you can extract from each part of the year to use in your next facility. Consider the idea of spring cleaning. Around springtime, many people like to sort through their household objects, donate or throw away what they do not need, and make more space in their homes for other items. 

You can take a similar approach in your next project. How can the idea of minimalism impact your creative vision for a hospital? Are you able to pare down the items in a dialysis room in order to free up more space for a visitor’s chair or a greater feeling of spaciousness? 

Art & Displays That Reflect The Season

As each season approaches, consider what stands out about it. For example, when summer comes around you might think of playing, spending time outdoors, and going on vacation. Your digital art could include stunning imagery of the beach that makes patients feel transported on a miniature trip. Or, the dermatology wing of a medical building might use summer’s approach to inspire content about protecting skin in the sun for a lobby display.

Allowing seasonality to inspire your art and displays will keep the aesthetics of a facility fresh. It can also be more inviting to patients and their loved ones as it reflects what is happening in the world outside your walls. This can provide hope and a sense of connectedness when people are faced with being indoors in a medical facility for a while. 

Changing The Vibe

Sometimes the world outside is not what people want to experience. If your area is experiencing a cold and rainy season, for instance, you might notice sad faces coming through your doors. In such an instance, you can use your AV solutions to depict something brighter and more inviting when patients and visitors need it most. 

Perhaps you use vibrant colors and imagery for your digital art or offer a new sound soother (like “curling up by the fireplace”) on the TVs in your patients’ rooms. However you choose to do it, AV systems can be used to change the entire vibe of a facility – quickly and in response to patient and staff needs. 
Would you like help incorporating seasonality into the audiovisual design of your next project? We would love to help!

Many people focus on the technology behind audiovisual design, but there is a lot of fun to be had, too. Are you incorporating seasonality into your AV solutions?