Patient Engagement

Keep patients connected and minimize isolation using entertainment, remote care & interactive platforms.


Entertainment, remote care & interactive platforms are multi-faceted tools that allow a healthcare facility or residential facility to increase the value of care to a patient or resident.


Independa, as the name implies, is designed for residential independent, assisted living or CCRC facilities. It’s a care platform that enables the entire care team and family to live life with the resident, using mobile apps on iOS or Android to interact with the system.  By doing this, it actively works to prevent feelings of isolation and the issues that can bring.

Family, friends, and caregivers can send pictures, video, and things like medication alerts directly to a resident’s TV – an interface they are already comfortable with.  Additionally, working within the familiar TV environment, Independa enables sharing of messaging, calendars, surveys, content delivery, video chat, photo sharing, life stories and more.

PDi Communications

PDi’s interactive solution is built on the open source Android platform, running on healthcare-grade PDi touchscreens. These system are ideal for healthcare facilities looking to add valuable interactive content in an enterprise but entry-level way. System setup can be easily customized by the facility, and, since it’s app based, functionality is essentially limitless.  This type of platform allows a healthcare facility to get into an interactive application and enhance their patients’ experience without a significant investment into an infrastructure-intensive interactive application.

Future functionality can be added via additional android “apps” either commercially available and/or custom developed for a specific need the facility might have.

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