PIVIUM, Your Premier Village Partner

As your premier Village Service Partner, we take pride in supporting your facility through any of your audio-visual needs. Through efficient and consistent service, we intend to make a profound difference in the lives of both the patients who rely on dialysis to maintain their health and vitality, as well as the staff members by their side every day.

iProc Order Processing

We are no longer accepting any electronic PO#s per DaVita’s new procedural policy.

In order for us to fulfill any orders or requests, we will need an iProc PO#. 

If you are not familiar with iProc, then please see below how to create an iProc PO#,

  • Download this guide
  • Call PRISM Support Services at (866) 554-9344 Option 1  
  • Email PRISMSupportServices@davita.com


I have a DirecTV issue. Who do I need to contact?

Not us.

Our Partners


PIVIUM partners with PDI to bring you the latest and greatest in healthcare technology supporting efficient operations and improved morale at your facilities.

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Jeron provides a full line of nurse call systems for hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgery, and long-term healthcare facilities.


Cornell, the premier emergency response systems manufacturer and developer, has more than 50 years of experience in providing our clients with unbeatable customer service, unparalleled product ease-of-use, and unmatched emergency communication systems.