Jeron 570 Pro Alert – 5766 Annunciator Panel (50 Call Points)

SKU: 5766

This Jeron 5766 annunciator panel is used on the Pro-Alert 570 Nurse Call System for the annunciation of active calls on the system. They are typically located in areas where staff congregate and need to be notified of any call activiity. it is configured to annunciate calls from a specific area, an entire unit, across several units or throughout an entire facility. The display on the panel indicates the highest priority active call including room station calling number, bed (if applicable), and call prority. It has dedicated LED indicators for each room to indicate active calls. An audiable alert tone sounds for the highest priority active call. Tones may be silenced with the tone silence button. It has a capacity of 50 rooms and is desk mounted, but can be wall mounted using an optional kit. It can be expanded with the optional 6166 extender annunciator panel.

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