Wayfinding – Transform Space with Sound & Displays

Wayfinding is more than how to get from one location to another.

D&L Communication Systems, Inc.

It is an idea that says, we care about you, your needs, your concerns, your safety, your “way”, during your visit to our facility. When entering a healthcare facility, a visitor is usually immersed in an unfamiliar environment and loses nearly all control over the experience. Providing simple, warm, and welcoming wayfinding assistance can help give back that lost sense of control in the unfamiliar environment. Traditionally, this is done with volunteers or wayfinding signs. But an increasing number of consumers are preferring this experience come from a technology platform that gives them the ability to “take wayfinding into their own hands”.

Let’s talk about all of the ways we can integrate wayfinding in your facilities. It may be easier than you think. Just send a message or give call us at 800.737.1930 to get started.