Why Your Corporate AV Systems Need an Upgrade

For a long time, the AV status quo was workable. You got through meetings despite the occasional technology issue, and you had the basics covered in terms of functionality. But now, amid a global pandemic and the world’s rapid shift to tech-centricity, that just won’t do. Here are a few signs you may need to update your boardroom AV equipment and consider custom AV solutions. 

1. There are obvious kinks with your displays. 

Do you have digital signage that occasionally flickers or goes dark entirely? Or, do you have a TV display in your boardroom that’s excruciatingly slow when loading images and videos? While these issues may have been swept under the rug before, now is the time to fix them. Considering you will surely be conducting more meetings virtually, your boardroom AV equipment must be reliable and top-notch. Your digital signage is also important as this year has required more communication with customers regarding policy updates, onsite routing of visitors, and other changes. If you don’t have confidence that your signage will remain illuminated and working the way it’s supposed to, it’s time for an upgrade.

2. Your sound is lacking. 

Aside from visual problems, poor audio can ruin an otherwise stellar virtual experience like nothing else. Again, as more meetings are conducted virtually and more employees are working from home, sound quality during communication is crucial. With it, you can maintain relationships and efficiency. Without it, collaboration and productivity both suffer. If you find that your AV systems regularly experience sound outages or inconsistent audio quality, don’t settle any longer.  

3. Your AV systems are disjointed. 

Integration between products is really important for companies to get the most from their audio visual solutions. But companies often handle their AV systems piecemeal, springing for a solution only when the previous solution gives out, or waiting to replace a different, outdated product until it’s on its last legs. We understand the budget implications of being more strategic and implementing sweeping, cohesive changes all at once; it’s not always possible. But, if you work with a top AV company, you don’t have to continue operating in an ad hoc, disparate manner. AV experts can help you figure out a roadmap for what needs to be updated when and how to install everything properly so your systems work together. The outcome is well-oiled AV solutions that function optimally and bring you the best returns on your investment.

If you see your AV systems failing you, it’s time to consider custom AV solutions. When you’re searching for digital signage companies and custom AV solutions companies, look no further. We have the experience and expertise to bring you into the future of AV technology. Just give us a call!