3 Signs It’s Time to Refresh Your AV Technology

Audio visual (AV) technology is always evolving. Although it keeps things interesting, all the shiny new tech can sometimes make it hard to know what is just a fad versus what is worth your time. So, how do you know? Are you due for an AV system refresh? Is it time to update your AV hardware, or will a software upgrade be enough? Here are three signs to watch out for, to help you decide.  

1. You are encountering technical issues. 

Tech problems can range from annoying glitches to downright equipment failure and everything in between. If you are experiencing outages or simply cannot get your systems to turn on or work, it is time for updating AV equipment. If your problems are less major, like occasional flickering on a display or poor sound quality, we still recommend having an expert check it out. While there may be a simple fix, small issues often turn into big ones if left ignored.  

2. Your content is outdated. 

Performing an AV system refresh is not limited to the hardware and software alone; there is also a management component to consider. For example, think about digital signage and digital artwork. When a business first installs it, they are often excited and plan to make updates often. But over time, competing priorities get in the way and it gets ignored. 

Not only is routine maintenance not performed, but the content itself is left stagnant. This can cause visitors to lose interest or even have a negative perception of your business. So if you have AV displays, take a look at when the content was last refreshed. Is your digital signage advertising a holiday that was two months ago? Are you still showing artwork that reflects a different season than the one you are currently in? Make a plan to engage in lifecycle management so you can stay on top of regular updates and keep things fresh.   

3. You are not seeing results. 

What if you have had the same systems in place for a while and nothing is exactly wrong – but nothing is exactly right, either? For example, maybe you have had a wayfinding kiosk for about a year and the system works on a functional level. But, you have not seen the end-user results you expected to see from it. Visitors are still coming up to the front desk and asking for directions, ignoring the kiosk altogether. 

If you find yourself in a situation where user engagement is not where you think it should, or your goals are not being met, give PIVIUM a call. Your equipment does not have to be broken, nor your software malfunctioning, in order to undergo an AV system refresh. Sometimes, you just need a new strategy and new partner to help you realize the results you were hoping for all along. 

If you are wondering whether it is time for updating AV equipment or a tech upgrade, we would love to help!

Wondering if it is time for an AV system refresh? Reach out to us for a consultation.