Meeting, Huddle & Conference Room Features That Are Purposeful & Engaging

Collaboration is king in today’s business world, and people are eager to work side by side with others after years of separation from one another. If you are looking to spur collaboration, it is best to start by thoughtfully considering your meeting room design. Here are some tips for the best lighting for meeting room needs, along with the conference room features that will give your team the best environment for their needs.

Meeting Room Design

Before you start thinking about the specifics of a meeting space, think about the larger goal of the space. Do you want a huddle room that can be used for impromptu meetings and casual collaboration? Or a larger conference room that’s equipped for more people and more audio visual (AV) needs?

Depending on the type of room, the lighting you implement might change. Natural light is always best when possible, but artificial lighting can still help you achieve the type of atmosphere you want if natural light is not available. For example, you can use technology to automate lighting, even down to brightening as the day goes on and dimming as evening approaches.

Conference Room Features

In addition to the size of the space and the lighting, think through the functionality. You might want to include interactive whiteboards if you plan to actively collaborate. Going to engage in many virtual meetings and/or use a given conference room for training? You might want to add in video conferencing (like a Logitech Rally Bar), a high-quality camera, audio solutions, and clear acoustics. Some further features to consider are control panels (to efficiently manage meeting room technology in one place) and displays (e.g. video walls, monitors, or large TV screens, depending on the size of your space and your needs).

When it comes to your meeting room design plans, intentionality is your best friend. If you would like input from an experienced partner about the best lighting for meeting room spaces and ideal conference room features, we would love to help!

Planning out meeting room design ideas? We’re here to help you decide on the best features.