Project Highlight: Delivering The Wow Factor At The Footprint Center

The Footprint Center arena building, home to the Phoenix Suns (NBA) and Phoenix Mercury (WNBA), was originally built 30 years ago. So in 2022, the City of Phoenix and all parties involved decided it was time for a major reconstruction and expansion. They brought in PIVIUM to develop and execute the AV strategy, including putting in a full HD video wall, and the results have been breathtaking. Here is some more about the project and how it turned out. 

Leaving A Lasting “Wow” 

The Footprint Center project happened during an exciting season, scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2021, just in time for the NBA Finals. As the Phoenix Suns have elevated their image and staked their claim as one of the hottest teams in the NBA in recent years, everyone agreed that their home arena should be elevated as well. As such, the multifaceted renovation included the implementation of various social spaces including clubs, lounges, suites, and the like. 

PIVIUM oversaw the implementation of several video walls throughout key areas within the facility, including the Gorilla Grill concession stand and an exclusive members-only suite. One particularly noteworthy project was the full HD video wall, which was 4K ultra high definition, in the new Annexus Social Club. This high-traffic, VIP lounge was designed to give season ticket holders a dedicated space to enjoy, and a memorable experience watching the game. 

Photo by Christy Radecic

Delivering A Rich Experience

Our primary goal in any project is to bridge the gap between technology, content, and audio visual (AV) integration and ultimately enrich the human experience. We always consider it our job to design spaces that cater to the needs of each and every individual that interacts with them, and this was the case with the Footprint Center as well. 

As we developed the AV strategy for this project, we knew that the LED wall in the VIP lounge would contribute to the space by giving it a focal point and the all-important “wow factor.” But, while powerful, that was not enough on its own. 

We also envisioned how it would feel to be in the Annexus Social Club and what season ticket holders would be doing there. Since the wall was in a high-traffic area, we gave it a durable resin coating to ensure it remained protected. This way, people in the lounge could walk up to it, touch it, bump into it, or even spill their drink on it – and it would not be affected. 

We were so proud to contribute our expertise in this iconic Phoenix building and also proud of the results. If you are looking to make a big impact with a full HD video wall or in need of an AV strategy, we would love to help!

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