3 Ways to Know an AV Upgrade is Due

Smart technology moves exceptionally fast, and keeping up with changing industry trends and upgrades can feel like a full-time job. But it does not have to be this hard. Whether you are managing a new project, or jumping into an existing and outdated project, here are some signs that indicate it is time for an AV technology upgrade.

Your AV Quality Has Dipped

Quality is king, especially when it comes to AV systems. After all, much of this innovative technology is geared toward improving your customers’ or patients’ experience at your facility and/or improving your employees’ experience. When quality dips and these experiences start to follow suit, there is no time to waste in fixing the problem. 

With AV solutions, audio and visual clarity are key to quality. You can notice deterioration in these areas when you hear odd buzzing noises, garbled audio, blurry displays – and so forth. When you first start noticing such issues, call your AV partner and ask for their help troubleshooting, upgrading or replacing your system.  

Your Physical Space Has Increased

If business is booming, expansion often comes next. Maybe you added on a few rooms to your facility, or started renting the space next door. Either way, your AV systems need to scale alongside your business. As soon as you start considering expansion, plan to expand your solutions as well. You will likely need new hardware but, if you work with an experienced partner, they can often help you get set up to control the systems from one centralized place. 

Your Staff Satisfaction Has Decreased

Finally, think about what your staff says about your AV systems. Have you been fielding more complaints than normal, or does your normally unflappable facility manager seem frustrated every time they have to interact with your tech? If so, zero in on what is going on. Your staff should not have to use individual, specialized remotes to control your different systems; they should all work together harmoniously and be controlled easily. 

If a patient asks for a specific channel to be displayed, or an employee requests different music in a certain area, these should be easy changes to make. Decreasing operator frustration also often results in increased efficiency, so tending to these problems is a win all around.

Whether your AV system simply needs some TLC, an upgrade or a full-scale overhaul, it is important to pay attention and address it as soon as possible. Any questions? We would love to help!