Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Healthcare AV System Consultant

Sometimes, a designer or architect brings in an audio visual consultant toward the middle or end of a project, thinking that they can provide the most help in the later stages. But the opposite is actually true and, thankfully, that is starting to be widely accepted. The reality is that the most valuable time to work with AV consultants on AV planning is right from the beginning. Here is why, and some of the benefits that doing so can provide. 

Human-Centric Design 

AV should be used to achieve the ultimate in human response above all else. So, when we are brought into a project, we ask questions about the senses. We also try to envision – early on – how being and interacting in this space will be experienced by patients, visitors and employees alike. In healthcare, innovative design means factoring in all of these human questions well before designing the physical space or AV solutions. 

We will consider what people will see, what they will hear and how they will feel as they move about the facility. In terms of healthcare staff, we will take a look at the proposed workflows and how we can optimize them. Accounting for all of this in the early phases of planning allows us to make sure the physical aspects are designed to further these human-centric goals. The ultimate outcome will be that the people coming, going, staying and working on the premises will be satisfied and supported. 

Planning Equals Prevention

Another benefit of engaging experienced healthcare AV consultants early on is that it prevents costly rework or workarounds later. When designers and architects plan a space without knowing how the AV will function down the road, there are often problems with wiring, ports, mounts, physical design and so forth once the technology is getting implemented. This can be prevented if you set your facility up for success by working with an audio visual consultant as soon as your project is underway. 

When you loop in a partner like PIVIUM, we will help you understand all project restrictions and possible use cases so you can prepare for them. We start by offering a comprehensive technology assessment, and then work with you on your budget and planning. This ensures that your expenses are in line with your budget, and that you have an understanding of the forthcoming and ongoing costs you can expect. 

When it comes to AV planning, the earlier you loop in an experienced consultant, the better. If you would like to get started with a qualified partner, we would love to help!