3 Ways Touchless Tech can Improve Your Facility Experience

1. It limits the spread of germs. 

Prior to the pandemic, there were always some patients and visitors concerned about the cleanliness of onsite equipment. But once COVID-19 began spreading, everyone seemed to become more aware of what their hands were touching and whose hands had been there before. 

Touchless technology helps to prevent the transmission of germs and also to reassure patients who are concerned about equipment hygiene. By offering contact-free technology solutions, you keep the most highly frequented areas safe and sterile. If you go the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) route, you increase social distancing since visitors will not have to stand near the same equipment. 

2. Touchless technology gives patients more control. 

Additionally, touchless tech innovation can help the people in your care shape their own experience in your facility. If you are able to provide BYOD options, patients can adjust the lighting on their screens, the volume of the music or audio your app plays, and so forth. Or if you provide touchless kiosk solutions in the lobby, for example, your patients can be in control of their own check-in process. Seemingly small areas of control like this can go a long way in helping patients and visitors feel empowered.

3. It offers convenience. 

Last, but certainly not least, contact-free technology gives the people who walk through your doors the same convenience they have come to expect elsewhere. Whether it is ordering a meal from their own device, or paying for an onsite meal with their phone’s payment options, patients and their visitors will appreciate the convenience and thoughtfulness for their safety. Interested in incorporating touchless audiovisual technology into your healthcare facility project? We would love to help!

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