Digital Signage in Healthcare: More Than Pretty Boards

When people think of digital signage, they often think of pretty boards that are intended to share information – but this tool can be so much more. Specifically, in healthcare settings, there are plenty of digital signage opportunities that can have a direct impact on patient experience. Here are a few to consider in your next healthcare project. 

Make It Interactive 

Whether it is an interactive map or navigable dashboard that visitors can click into, digital signs invite engagement. They might provide a welcome distraction for those waiting in your lobby, or a way to familiarize themselves with your facility and the care you provide.

Make It Instructive 

Another useful way to get the most from digital signage is by turning it into an educational tool. For example:

  • A physical therapy facility could display a loop of key exercises that patients can do to warm up before their session. 
  • A hospital could post updates about how long the wait is to see a practitioner, helping to reduce uncertainty and make delays more bearable. 
  • A cancer treatment center could use digital signage to share tips on meditating and finding peace during a stressful time in their lives. 

Make it Inviting 

Finally, you can explore using digital signage enhancements to set a certain tone for a healthcare setting. Imagine how it would feel to step into the building as a patient and aim to evoke a sense of calm. You can accomplish this by arranging panels of various sizes in a mosaic fashion on a wall for an artistic feel or playing abstract content to create a soothing atmosphere. Digital signage in a healthcare facility can be used in a variety of different ways, from art to education, to information, and more.
Digital signage can help convey information, but it can also add even more value when used in interactive, instructive, and inviting ways. Interested in integrating digital signage into your next healthcare project? We would love to help!

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