Managed AV Services & Their Impact on Agility

Designers, architects, and project managers are usually familiar with the tangible benefits that come with audiovisual (AV) system integration. Give patients more control over their environment? Very important. Increase the aesthetic appeal of a facility? Great. Streamline the nursing staff’s workflow? Yes, please. But while these are all valuable outcomes, the right AV system and managed services can also help an organization in becoming an agile company. If you want to help your clients achieve business agility, here is how AV advancements can help. 

Real-Time Efficiency Improvements 

Few changes impact profitability as much as efficiency does. To that end, you can suggest AV solutions to your customers that boost both. For example, incorporating self-serve kiosks and displays with FAQs can reduce the workload of front desk staff and even prevent a facility from needing to hire an additional worker. 

Using managed services – like multi-tier technical support via phone or dispatching a local service provider – can also help increase efficiency. When there are technical problems, facilities can rest assured they will not experience downtime for long. Instead, they can become more and more efficient as they learn how to troubleshoot their own solutions and, when this fails, quickly get help from experts. 

Feedback Loop

In addition to tech support, PIVIUM offers content refreshment as part of our managed services, which creates ongoing agility that is not possible with static digital signage and displays. We work with customers to update their AV content based on new information, seasonality, and a number of other factors. This keeps interest and attention high, promoting engagement with patients and visitors. 

Another area of managed services that positively impacts a facility’s agility is scheduled workflow and space evaluations. AV is not something that should be configured and then forgotten. It is best used as a fluid part of a space, which is why regular evaluations are key. Even if a setup worked well initially, daily usage may prove it is not actually ideal. By evaluating your systems often, we can help adapt to your dynamic space and move your technology with it properly. Agility in business brings a lot of value, and a facility’s AV systems and associated managed services can help increase agility. We would love to help you get started.

The right AV system and managed services can help an organization in becoming an agile company. We’re here to help you incorporate these solutions.