AV’s Role in Medical School Virtual Anatomy Labs & Operating Rooms

The benefits of audiovisual (AV) systems within healthcare settings are clear, including improvements to patient morale, smoother workflows for staff, better dissemination of information, and much more. But what about other AV healthcare trends, like the use of such technology in virtual anatomy labs and operating rooms? Well, the benefits are showing up there too – and growing. Here is a look at this relatively untapped application of AV tools in medical school. 

Virtual Anatomy Labs 

Early in their undergraduate studies, medical students are taught about human anatomy. This often takes place in a lab with human cadavers. But today, many schools are incorporating the use of virtual anatomy tables. 

This powerful technology provides the opportunity for three-dimensional virtual anatomy interactions without the challenges that working with human cadavers can bring. It also allows medical schools to offer online anatomy labs, as the global pandemic makes it tricky to hold them in person. 

AV & Immersive Simulation

Whether you have a virtual anatomy lab project in store or not, there are plenty of healthcare facilities that can benefit from similar technological implementations. For example, consider the Skills Acquisition and Innovation Laboratory (SAIL) at Cornell University. Home to a premier virtual operating room, SAIL has 25 miles of AV cables running through the lab. Its AV system includes 28 high-definition cameras, 40 ceiling microphones, acoustic paneling, and angled hallways for top-notch sound. All of their rooms can be connected audio-visually for live viewing purposes, as well, and recorded for playback later.

The takeaway? It is important to keep thinking outside the box about how AV can be used in healthcare settings. It serves myriad purposes within traditional settings, but should also be explored in new contexts like virtual labs. Interested in dreaming up new applications of the technology that can move the healthcare field forward? We would love to partner with you.

Virtual anatomy labs are a relatively untapped AV application for medical schools. Ready to get ahead of this trend? Let’s chat.