4 Ways Architects & Design Pros Can Work with AV Design Planning Integrators

When designing a new build, have you ever wished you had a partner to bounce ideas off of or huddle with about tricky problems? For these reasons and others, many architects and designers enjoy working with AV design planning integrators. Here are four of the key ways you too can maximize a relationship with an AV design partner. 

1. Collaborating About The Vision 

Architects and designers have the big picture vision, whereas audiovisual design integrators have the technical expertise to bridge the vision and reality. When you work together, especially from the earliest planning stages, you can share your ideas and get immediate feedback about whether new audio visual integration can support them. This helps you execute what you envision for a build, while ensuring you can also achieve it logistically.

2. Mapping Out The Space & Utility 

We love working with architects and designers because of their immensely creative ideas for how to bring a space to life. It is truly a sight to behold when every area in a build has a purpose and a personality. When you pair up with an AV design planning integrator, they can add to this level of intricate planning. They will alert you to the best use of a space, from a technical and acoustic perspective, as well as how to achieve your goals using the latest new audio visual integration.

3. Exploring Accessibility 

At PIVIUM, we care a great deal about elevating the human experience in every build. In a healthcare setting, this means we put ourselves in the patients’ shoes; in senior living facilities, we put ourselves in the residents’ shoes; in corporate offices, we put ourselves in the shoes of those who spend eight hours a day in the space. This helps us identify areas in which we can improve accessibility for all, including for those with different abilities (e.g. hearing impairment, physical restrictions, etc.). We have a lot of experience making a build accessible and inclusive for all, and are all too happy to share that with you. 

4. Making The Most Of Relationships

Finally, working with AV design planning integrators means you can benefit from all of their existing partnerships. At PIVIUM, for example, we work closely with Creston, Logitech technology, DirecTV and Cisco. When our architect and design partners have specific technical needs, we have a direct line in with each of these top-tier providers and can ensure you get the highest level of support and the best possible solution for your needs. 
Audiovisual design integrators can be a great partner for architects and designers for a lot of reasons. Want to take advantage of all the benefits and form a great partnership? Give us a call today!

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