Technology for Modern Meeting Rooms

Whether you are working on a new corporate build or updating an existing space, meeting room AV design offers so many possibilities. The best modern meeting rooms are a melding of contemporary design and thoughtful audiovisual design, achieving both efficacy and aesthetics. Here are some ideas to inspire you for your next project. 

Starting With The Big Picture

Before you get too far, first spend time thinking about the purpose of each room. Huddle rooms can work well in a corporate setting where employees want the freedom to hold pop-up meetings intended for collaboration, while a senior living facility might need to set up a conference room where its residents can virtually connect with family and friends. Consider the size of the space(s) you have to work with, along with the goals of all stakeholders, before setting your vision. 

Looking Through The Lens Of Human Experience 

Once you know the purpose behind the modern meeting rooms you are creating, it is time to put yourself in the shoes of the people who will use them. For example, what tools might be helpful for a geographically dispersed team that needs to meet in person and digitally? In such an instance, you could look at something like the Logitech Rally Bar Mini, which has top-of-line camera and audio capabilities, along with various views that account for remote participants and those in the room. 

In a senior living space, you will need to take the residents’ comfort into account. You might design the room with more space for wheelchair access, and be intentional about the audiovisual design in case some residents are hard of hearing. A meeting room in a hotel, conversely, would need to be equipped with technology that can support traveling workers and visiting groups. The needs vary from room to room, but as long as you keep the human experience front and center, you will make the best possible decisions for each type of space and project. 

Providing For The Nuances

Meeting rooms are more than just physical areas that contain furniture and audiovisual equipment. They are also where relationships are strengthened, ideas are formed and productivity is spurred. Because of this, it is crucial to think through all of the details. For example, how are you using lighting to strike the right ambiance? What are you communicating through the art you choose to use (or not use)? How are you concealing your AV wiring? Whether you realize it or not, all of this adds up to create an effect on the users of the meeting room; it’s essential to take care to create the right kind of effect. Would you like help planning and executing audiovisual designs for huddle and modern meeting rooms? We would love to help!

Here are some tips for incorporating AV into modern meeting room spaces.