5 Ways to Refresh Your Healthcare Design-Build Through AV Trends

When you go to revamp a healthcare environment, the audio visual components should be a key consideration. It’s always preferred to evaluate audio visual industry trends and the latest AV technology early on in the planning phases so you can improve the healthcare design of the entire space. Here are five ways to update your facility design with innovative AV solutions. 

1. Increased Network Capabilities

As facilities continue to adopt more interactive technologies, they must also increase their network size. This is one of the biggest audio visual industry trends today. It’s wise to think of all the factors related to an increased network and more data-heavy technologies during the design phase so you can plan properly. You’ll also need to make sure the network infrastructure is comprehensive enough to meet these needs. 

2. Wearable Technology

It’s clear that the wearable technology market is on a wild growth path expected to be worth $56.8 billion by 2025. But wearable technologies aren’t just fun tech tools; they can also do a lot for individuals’ health. By alerting users to walk more, or cluing them into a dangerously high resting heartbeat, these devices can influence behavior for the better. 

Furthermore, the data they collect is especially useful to healthcare professionals, who can check in on patients’ health and levels of activity over time. You can similarly use wearable technology for patients within your medical facilities to track patient activity and gather important data. Planning ahead for this technology will help you better map out the rest of the healthcare design

3. Telemedicine

While telemedicine most often refers to doctors and medical professionals who consult with patients from a distance through video and audio technology, it can also be used inside the walls of a medical facility.  The latest AV technology can help you facilitate more regular patient rounds, by allowing doctors to check in with patients virtually. When you’re updating a facility, remember to include healthcare design trends that allow for top-of-line AV equipment and patient monitors so these virtual sessions will be optimized. 

4. API-Friendly Solutions

With a variety of systems in use at any given time at a healthcare facility, it’s easy for data to remain separated, which can keep it from being useful. API-friendly solutions can help with this. By making various systems interoperable, they can enable data sharing and collaboration that’s best figured out early on in the design phase. 

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is making its rounds in nearly every industry imaginable, and healthcare is no exception. If you’re in the middle of redesigning a healthcare space, it’s a great time to consider how AI can improve the patient experience. For one, it can come in the form of voice-command digital assistants, which can save staff time and improve productivity. AI can also work hand-in-hand with your AV technology, depending on what you have in place and what your goals are. Consider AI in the design phase, so you can build with the end technology in mind. 

These are just some of the most recent healthcare design trends and audio visual industry trends that can help you refresh a healthcare build and ultimately elevate the patient experience. 

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