Planning, Designing, & Implementing Healthcare AV Solutions with PIVIUM

Did you hear that we recently rebranded from D&L Communications to PIVIUM? The shift was simple: We wanted a fresh look and feel in order to better reflect our strengths. Including how we help clients pivot to human-centric designs and our commitment to serving healthcare administrators and personnel. Our human centered design consulting means we craft solutions designed for healthcare and its specific and unique needs. 

Here’s more about our process, and how we can partner with you to achieve your goals.  

1. Start Together at Square One

Healthcare AV needs can be extensive and should always be approached with the patient experience in mind. This is why it’s best if we begin working with you before your planning is even underway. At this time, we’ll dig into all the senses and how your patients may use telemedicine devices and other AV medical solutions. How will patients see, hear, and feel when they are in this space? What is the proposed workflow? Once we address these human-centric questions, we then move on to the technology. 

2. Plan for Restrictions

Almost every healthcare facility has some sort of design obstacle that must be overcome. Whether it’s a size limitation, light restrictions, or infrastructure hurdles, we’ll identify and address them. We’ll also work with you to uncover the various systems, interfaces, entry points, and all relevant use cases for AV in your space.

3. Design in Unison

Next, it’s time to start designing. We’ll work with you to design the facility according to your ultimate vision for the patient experience, keeping in mind how your AV solutions will impact staff workflow and patient needs. Even though it’s ideal to bring us in prior to design, we can join your team at any stage. We can – and do – drop our technical teams into varied situations and levels of scope. So whether during the schematic design phase, design development, construction documents, bid, negotiation, or construction phase, we’ll make sure your AV solutions will meet the project goals. 

4. Implementation Based on Experience

We’re among the top audio visual companies because of our deep expertise and emphasis on human centered design consulting. When we help you implement your AV solutions designed for healthcare, the process will be surprisingly smooth. You can count on the same level of technical knowledge and project management at any and all locations in which we help you manage implementation. 

Have some questions about incorporating AV solutions to improve your patient experience? Give us a call.