Contemporary Conservatories as Inspiration for Your Next Healthcare Build

Whether you have been a designer or architect for many years or are just now getting started in your career, we all need a little inspiration from time to time. As you begin to plan your next build, you might want to draw hospital design inspiration from an unlikely place: conservatories. Here is why healthcare interior trends and hospital interior design are trending toward bringing the outdoors indoors, and how you can too. 

Embrace Biophilic Design

The idea for conservatories falls under the category of biophilic design, which is “the practice of creating a closer connection to nature through the ways buildings and landscapes are created and built.” This is an especially important practice in healthcare environments, in which patients often feel overwhelmed, confused and stressed. You can do a lot for patient mental health by moving on from sterile-looking, whitewashed environments and inviting the healing colors and experience of nature inside. 

Considering A Contemporary Conservatory

A conservatory is essentially a greenhouse that you bring indoors. Of course, in a healthcare setting, there may be restrictions about the number and type of real plants you can use. But even if real plants are not an option, you can still achieve a conservatory feel with faux plants and other details that mimic the peaceful scenery of such a space. 

Perhaps you create a garden-inspired room with patterned wallpaper and wicker furniture. Or maybe you style a given area with floor to ceiling windows that show an expansive view of real outside flora. In terms of lighting, a conservatory mindset means that the sunnier the better. This could mean allowing as much natural light into a space as possible or it could mean swapping your fluorescent bulbs for softer ones that mimic the sun’s light sunrise. You could also play with the idea of using garden-esque furniture in certain areas, like low sectionals that are reminiscent of a quaint backyard. 

There is a lot you can do to boost patient morale and create a contemporary conservatory in your next build. Remember to draw hospital design inspiration from the outdoors to make the most of healthcare interior trends like this one. Interested in working with a partner to help you plan such an oasis? We would love to help!

When it comes to hospital interior design, think past sterile-looking environments and consider healthcare interior trends like contemporary conservatories. We’ll show you how.