How To Achieve Optimal Technology Control In Healthcare Settings

When you work on healthcare builds you are no stranger to rules and regulations. The same is true for healthcare AV design and healthcare AV technology. When you are implementing technology into sensitive environments in which medical equipment has already been installed with great care, and in which immunocompromised patients frequent, it is important you are mindful of all the implications of introducing on-site AV equipment. Here are some ways to do this. 

Follow The FGI’s Guidelines

First, make sure you are familiar with the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) and its guidelines for technology and storage (2022 guidelines here). Even if you brushed up on this guidance a few years ago, plan to review it periodically so you can catch important updates. For example, the 2022 edition of its Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals includes “significant changes from the hospital requirements in the 2018 edition.” 

Plan For Lifecycle Management & Maintenance 

Next, avoid leaving your healthcare AV technology to chance. Hospitals and other healthcare settings are often heavily trafficked, with many staff members, patients, and visitors coming and going. This means there is a great likelihood that your equipment will experience wear and tear (especially the interactive solutions like check-in and wayfinding kiosks). The best way to ensure your tech remains functional for the long-term is by being intentional about planning a lifecycle management schedule and staying on top of regular maintenance. 

Other Factors To Keep In Mind

Finally, remember that AV solutions are hardworking technologies. Prevent overheating by installing your equipment alongside adequate ventilation. Reduce the likelihood of damage by keeping equipment away from tables or surfaces that might be used for food, beverages, or medications. Instead, store it in entertainment cabinetry or out of reach (unless it is meant to be interactive ). Also, plan to train your staff on how to use your healthcare AV equipment properly. By simply sharing basic best practices and providing some guidelines for use and care, you can extend the life and health of your solutions. 

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Your healthcare AV technology can make a big difference in your next healthcare build, but it has to be installed, handled, managed, and stored properly. Here is more information.