Designing Sustainable Environments

Climate change has been a hot topic over the past couple of decades, and for good reason. But while it might feel like the issue is overwhelming, there are steps every person can take to move toward greater sustainability – including by using conscious tech. Here are some aspects to consider with audio visual (AV) technology in particular. 


To start, it is helpful to make sure you are choosing partners who also share your desire to be kind to the environment in your builds. When designers and architects work with PIVIUM, we are always excited to support these goals. In every project, we are careful about how we choose and use resources, and try to reduce our environmental impact together.

Energy Efficiency 

With our expertise in AV solutions, we are careful to prioritize conscious tech that limits the ultimate impact on the environment. For example, many of our solutions are configured to use auto-standby, which ensures that they do not remain on when they are not being used. We also use energy-efficient devices whenever possible, and opt for solutions that use as little heat as possible. 

Greenify-ing Your Space

Finally, it is important to note that making your space more environmentally friendly extends to more than just conscious tech. It is also refreshing and mood-boosting for employees to enjoy ample natural light and enhanced ventilation while at the office, so keep these elements in mind as you plan for your next sustainable build. 

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