How to Deliver Vision and Value with Expert AV Design

There is a fairly common scenario in the design-build industry that does all parties involved a disservice: bringing in AV integrators late in the game. In fact, AV experts are best suited to be primary players on interdisciplinary teams. Here is a look at how a team like PIVIUM can be your ideal partner early in a project, and prevent some of your biggest pain points. 

Establishing A Vision – Together

Designers and architects have a vision for how a project will take shape. Unfortunately, what they have in mind is not always able to be brought to life, thanks to logistical problems, AV limitations, budget constraints, or other roadblocks. Having to regroup and recreate a new vision when this occurs is fun for no one, not to mention that it wastes time and often can be disappointing compared to the original idea. 

When you work with an AV integrator from the get-go, this all changes. Your AV team can reality-check your vision as you share it, letting you know if they see any of the aforementioned problems getting in the way. If so, you can immediately tweak the design in order to accommodate the factors they have identified. This saves time and ensures that, once the vision is set, it will likely be able to be seen through to fruition. 

Understanding The End Experience 

Another valuable part of working with experienced AV integrators like PIVIUM is that we do everything through the lens of the end user’s experience. The architects we work with love this approach, as it means that their clients will ultimately be satisfied and know they were kept front and center throughout the entire design and execution process. 

For example, your AV team can advise you about how certain employees might use a space, which can help you design it from the start for better workflow. Similarly, they will know what patients in a healthcare setting or residents in a senior living facility want most, so you can prioritize the human experience in your design. 

Accuracy & Efficiency 

Finally, bringing your AV integrators into the interdisciplinary teams early on means that you will not have surprises with budget or timing later. An experienced AV team knows exactly how much their solutions cost, and the end-to-end expenses required to install them and get them running and/or maintained. 

Similarly, the fact that a company like PIVIUM handles design, installation, and maintenance saves you time on knowledge transfers and allows for highly accurate timing estimates. What is more, since you are not changing hands throughout the project, you will experience greater efficiency. 

If you are eager to create a beautiful, functional vision for your next project, bring in your AV integrator as early as you can for the best results. Interested in working with us? Give us a call!

A successful design-build starts with AV. Let’s work together to bring your vision to life.