How AV Can Support Employee Retention in Healthcare

Turnover is a problem in every industry, but it is having a major, negative impact in healthcare. Some statistics show that, in the span of two years, 43% of physicians surveyed had moved on from their particular role to another in healthcare, while roughly 36% of certified nurse assistants and 27% of registered nurses left the field entirely.

The bad news is that such numbers result in deep financial repercussions, as well as a disruption to care. The good news? Healthcare centers can make great strides by boosting retention and employee resilience. To do so and get ahead of disastrous outcomes, part of the answer may lie in wellness rooms. Here is more information.

Why Wellness Rooms?

Wellness spaces are becoming a popular choice within a variety of fields, but they can be especially valuable in healthcare. After all, few industries require their employees to face high-pressure or even life and death situations day in and day out. This puts both their physical and mental health under significant stress, which can lead to illness, burnout and more.

When healthcare facilities find a dedicated area to serve as a resiliency respite, they first and foremost give their employees space to rest and recharge. But, they also take the important step of recognizing and honoring the unique position their staff is in. This gives team members validation and a sense of understanding.

Creating The Right Environment

A wellness room is not one-size-fits-all; it just needs to be thoughtfully planned for optimal well-being and relaxation. To start, hospitals and healthcare organizations should consider the five senses. Can you use digital art to display a calming forest scene? Pipe in soothing music or nature sounds through intentionally placed speakers? Set up a massage chair, diffuse lavender essential oil or set out some ginger or caramel candies?

Next, go even further and think about the other parts of the environment that touch on the five senses too. Take into account your room’s lighting; it should be dim and include natural light sources, if possible.

Maybe you can offer eye masks or noise-canceling headphones for those who wish to use them. It also does not hurt to post gentle guidelines about how the room should be used – e.g. no cell phones, limit talking, and avoid eating or anything with a strong smell while in the room.

When it comes to employee retention in healthcare, it is important to recognize the stress that team members are under and do all you can to boost resilience. By providing a wellness space, you can have a direct impact on employee well-being, morale, and tenure. Would you like help dreaming up – and executing – such a space? Give us a call!

Resiliency rooms can support employees in high-stress environments, potentially boosting morale. Let’s chat about how AV can help boost employee retention.