Unexpected Ways AV Can Elevate The Human Experience In Healthcare Settings

We design and implement audio visual (AV) solutions to elevate the human experience across industries, including healthcare. Many people are aware that AV can positively impact something like the waiting room experience in medical settings, thanks to digital art, digital signage and kiosks. But there are also some unexpected ways that healthcare AV can enhance patient healing and boost the overall experience in these facilities, too. Here is a look at a few.

Keeping Calm

Many, if not most, medical situations are scary and overwhelming. It makes sense that patients would benefit from being able to keep calm in the midst of such circumstances, but staying calm is actually much more than a nicety. It can also be essential to desired medical outcomes.

Consider blood pressure, for example. There are plenty of procedures that cannot take place if a patient’s blood pressure is too high. Healthcare facilities can provide a calming environment for their patients, which may encourage a reduction in blood pressure. They can do this by using AV to create a relaxing space patients can use for meditation. Another idea is to use AV to incorporate biophilic design, which has been shown to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Promoting Personal Advocacy

While AV solutions, like TVs, are sometimes used in healthcare facilities for entertainment purposes, they are often intended for much more. For instance, consider the interactive, smart TVs that we regularly put in patient rooms. These devices offer extensive content options, including opportunities for patients to learn more about their diagnosis and potential treatments.

When used in this way, AV systems can provide education and encourage advocacy. Patients are no longer powerless to their condition or forced to sit idly by; they can instead be informed and take action accordingly. This might come in the form of choosing healthy meals that are in line with their doctor’s suggested nutrition plan, or asking for more information about a treatment option that hasn’t yet been discussed with them. Such a solution gives patients some control, which is enormously important in improving the human experience.

Reducing Unnecessary Physical Strain

When you really think about it, many healthcare facilities are not optimally set up to promote patient healing. Sterility is often prioritized over comfort, which is understandable considering the heavily regulated industry and the potential spread of disease. But what if healthcare facilities could achieve what they need to, while also elevating the human experience of their patients? At PIVIUM, we know this is possible because we have helped our clients make it happen time and time again. We also know it does not have to be complicated or expensive.

As an example, think about the fluorescent lights that are typical in many medical settings. While a popular option, this form of lighting has numerous downsides. To start, it has been shown to trigger headaches (because of flickering, intensity, brightness, or glare) and negatively affect participants with anxiety disorders. Simply replacing fluorescent lighting with as much natural light as possible, more soothing light bulbs and/or dimming options can go a long way in reducing unnecessary physical strain and creating a more positive human experience.

When it comes to furthering patient healing and elevating the human experience, healthcare AV can play a key role. Interested in incorporating these solutions into your own facility? Give us a call!

AV can enhance patient healing and improve the overall human experience. Let’s chat about solutions.