Enhancing Your Business with Custom Streaming

The world of television has shifted tremendously within the last two decades. Consumers have what now feels like an infinite universe of film and media options available in just a few simple clicks. And because of this bioavailability of entertainment, customers prefer to have these options just as widely available in any space they enter, not just their own homes.

Keep Clientele Engaged

Sure, we have access to a world of entertainment options in the mini-computers we call our cell phones. But having your eyes and hands glued to your handheld device can be offputting when meeting friends or clients at their local restaurant or bar. And many people prefer to be fully engaged in the spaces they enter, whether it’s the lobby of their dentist’s office or the massage chair of their favorite nail salon.

Providing engaging, short-form streaming with Atmosphere TV, that is tailored to your business and your client’s needs, keeps them more attuned to the surrounding space and the people within it. It can serve as a conversation starter for some, and for others, it may simply act as an added bonus to an already enjoyable experience they are having in your business.

Customize The Viewing Experience

Streaming to more than 60,000 businesses in 35 countries, Atmosphere TV is the largest TV streaming platform built for businesses, and it only continues to grow. With more than 60 channels to choose from, you can create a custom streaming experience for your business (or businesses) that both entices, entertains, or educates customers depending on the goals of your business. 

Some of Atmosphere TV’s viewing options include notable channels such as ChiveTV, PGA Tour, and RedBull TV. For more child-center and family-friendly atmospheres, choose from channels like America’s Funniest Home Videos of Paws TV. There’s even a trivia channel designed to sharpen the mind and test problem-solving skills. You can create custom playlists tailored for specific displays or locations as well.

Increase Sales and Improve Your Bottom Line

Atmosphere TV’s audio-optional programming is designed to keep customers engaged and curate an environment that supports the natural mood and aura of your space.  Businesses saw upwards of a 20% increase in repeat guests, and a 14% increase in new guests, with the integration of Atmosphere TV streaming in their establishments. When customers can feel like they’re at home in the places they patronize, they remain more involved in the space. 

AV Is About the Content, Too 

The possibilities are endless with a tool like Atmosphere TV. Audio visual design is just as much about the mood the technology provides in solutions like customized streaming content, just as much as it is about the technical components, like the displays and audio devices, that give room for that content to exist. 

As design and integration experts, we’re prepared to outfit your space with the best solution that fits your needs. When you’re ready to bolster audience engagement, let’s have a conversation.

Interested in increasing client engagement? Let’s chat about your content options.