How to Use AV to Promote Wellbeing

Did you know that August is National Wellness Month? While there are many ways to further patient well-being in healthcare, employee wellbeing in the corporate world, and resident wellbeing in senior living facilities, audio visual applications can really move the needle in all these settings. Here is some more information about how you can use AV ideas to promote healing, peace, and a soothing environment across industries. 

Designate A Wellness Space

Many hospitals, businesses, and senior living homes are jumping on the trend of creating wellness rooms (also known as resiliency rooms). Just because it is a trend doesn’t mean it is a flash in the pan, though; this kind of space is a well-founded concept that takes into account the whole person in each of these environments. 

For example, think about the toll that employee stress takes on employees themselves as well as the business for which they work. One source reports that “depression and work-related stress are costly and deadly issues, costing the global economy $261 billion.” So, what if you could reduce your employees’ daily stress, by providing a physical space for them to unwind? This is exactly what resiliency rooms are for.  

Whatever industry you are in, consider converting an existing room into a calm, soothing space that allows your workers, patients or residents time away from the pressures and stimuli of the day-to-day. 

Be The Light

One of the most important audio visual applications that contribute to wellness is lighting. If your building still uses fluorescent lights, it is time for them to go. Not only can they strain the eyes; but this type of lighting can also cause folks who are already anxious to feel even more anxious. 

So, when you want to make positive changes for well-being within your walls, lighting is a great place to start. Work to integrate adjustable lighting into your AV systems so the brightness can be dialed up or down according to your needs at a given moment, and the right atmosphere can always be achieved. 

Remember All The Senses

Of course, the eyes are not the only part of the body to treat with care. When focusing on boosting well-being, go through an inventory of all the five senses. For example, what do patients hear when they come into your healthcare facility? Can you use sound masking or calming soundscapes to bring them some peace in the midst of otherwise overwhelming circumstances? 

Smell is another important consideration, especially in hospitals and senior living residences where cleaning agents and antiseptic products can be prominent. You can use certain essential oils to cut through these pungent smells and actually soothe the people in your care. And, it is important to note that aromatherapy can be all the more powerful when used in conjunction with AV distraction (e.g. displaying nature scenes, piping in peaceful music, etc.). 
Interested in using AV to elevate well-being in healthcare, corporate offices, and senior living residences? We have ample experience in these areas and would love to help. Call us today!

Audio visual can help support peace and healing in a variety of spaces. Let’s chat about your wellness project.