How AV Can Promote Relaxation in Wellness Rooms

If you work with healthcare facilities, senior living residences, or corporate offices, you are probably familiar with the idea of resiliency or wellness spaces. These are discrete rooms intended to provide visitors with a break from stimuli and stress. They can be especially helpful in supporting mental health as well as meeting the needs of neurodivergent individuals. Here is a look at some AV ideas that can be used in such spaces to soothe the senses and promote relaxation. 

Incorporating AV To Further Wellness

Depending on the organization, building space, and industry, one resiliency room might look very different from another. Even so, there are some common threads among most wellness spaces that provide the most peace to visitors. 

To start, intentional lighting is crucial. There is a reason that massage parlors use dim lighting; harsh, fluorescent or otherwise bright lighting flies in the face of relaxation efforts. Design teams and project managers can instead integrate adjustable lighting into the rest of their AV systems so that the right atmosphere can be easily set and managed. 

Additionally, biophilic design has become a key aspect of wellness spaces. Humans’ need to be close to nature has been well-documented, and including as many natural features in these rooms can go a long way in fulfilling this need. Adherence to biophilic design depends on repeated and sustained engagement with nature, interconnection with immersive habitats, and fostering connections between people and their environment, among other factors. 

You can achieve these objectives by using AV technologies like sound masking and soundscapes to bring the sounds of the outdoors to your space. Furthermore, tools like immersive LED screens can help to deliver a fully immersive experience that connects your visitors to the natural world. 

Resiliency In Action 

The Suburban Hospital, part of the Johns Hopkins Health System, offers a powerful example of how wellness rooms can function. Originally launched as a respite for nurses during the pandemic, the Suburban leadership revived the idea and later created a permanent resiliency lounge for its staff. 

The room includes an intentional layout, a massage chair, soothing colors, calming music, scenes from the beach, and more. The room provides a safe space for personnel to recharge from their highly stimulating, and stressful, work environment. 

Interested in working with a partner who can help you bring wellness spaces to life, along with proven AV ideas to promote relaxation? We would love to help!

As you design wellness spaces, remember that audio visual technology can help promote relaxation and further your goals.