Finding Design Inspiration From Around The World

Sometimes, even the most innovative designers and architects could use a fresh spark of design and architectural inspiration. If you have a new build coming up and are looking for design ideas that are creative, functional and eye-catching, look no further. Here is a roundup of some global inspiration we believe check all these boxes and more.

Bend Some Norms

The Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic is proof that not all buildings have to be square or rectangular. In fact, there is much that modern architects can do to bend norms and shake up the status quo. Could there be a place for curves or unexpected shapes and lines in your next project?

Remember Triangular Composition

The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt appear simple in design, but are widely revered as classic works of art. What’s more, they remind us of the rule of triangular composition, which states that triangles are often used “because they create a sense of balance and harmony by arranging the figures into a stable overall geometric structure.”

While you almost certainly won’t be building a health center in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid, can you find a way to incorporate the power of triangular composition into your next project’s exterior or interior?

Bring Nature Into It

Changi Jewel in Singapore is the Changi Airport’s latest, award-winning addition, and it is not hard to see why. Positioned as a “perfect marriage between an intense marketplace and a paradise garden,” this creative oasis fuses lush landscaping with urban functionality. Even better, its grates use at least 30% recycled content, which makes it a standout in terms of sustainability. Are there steps you can take to highlight nature in your next build, and promote similar green practices?

Beauty In Utility

As you begin planning your next project, consider the climate of the area and how the sun’s rays will hit the building. One creative way designers and architects have found to keep out the sun’s glare, allow cool breezes to flow in and offer occupants a clear view of the outside is by using lattice work designs. The building below shows a masterful use of such a concept, located in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

Even if you need air conditioning for a building or cannot make use of lattice work in the same way, it still provides a visually stunning option to keep in mind for interior decor.

Unique Design Ideas

Whether your projects consist of healthcare buildings, senior living facilities or corporate offices, you can still up the ante by including some more elegant design aspects. Take a look at the United Nations Delegates’ Lounge below, as an example. The designer used a hand-knotted yarn screen with 30,000 porcelain beads to create a special, noteworthy aesthetic and feel. Is there a place for wood, wool, silk, ceramic, beads or even jewels or stones in your next design?

As you consider the exterior, interior, atmosphere and functionality of each of your buildings, keep in mind all of this global inspiration. Sometimes all it takes is a look around the world to ignite your creativity and unleash your imagination. Interested in working with a partner who understands the audio visual world, and all the nuances of designing for it? We would love to connect!

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