How AI Is Shaking Up The AV Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been accelerating for years, continuing to make incredible advancements. Just this year, the AI chatbot called ChatGPT set the record for the fastest-growing platform by gaining 100 million users within two months of its launch. Given the prevalence of the tech, many folks are wondering how AI trends will impact specific verticals. Here is our take on how AI and AV technology can work together, along with where AV innovation might go from here. 

Increased Efficiency & Experience

AI has the potential to automate different aspects of content creation needed in AV. For instance, the algorithms can analyze data and create content like articles, summaries, and content for displays, reducing the time and cost of producing such materials. It can also scrutinize user behavior and preferences to deliver customized content recommendations on devices like interactive TVs in hospitals or senior living centers, quickly improving the user experience. 

Maximized Media 

Additionally, AI is able to generate highlights and snippets of content in real-time that can be used when live-streaming across an array of devices. It’s also become widely used to transcribe audio and video content, making it easier to search and analyze existing content. Furthermore, AI can even help with post-production efforts, automating such tedious tasks as color grading and sound design, reducing the time and effort required for these tasks.

New Applications

What is most exciting of all are the possibilities related to AV still emerging with AI. For example, the burgeoning fields of virtual and augmented reality stand to benefit from this technology too. By enabling more immersive experiences in these areas, AI is increasing the accessibility of interactive AV solutions. 

Overall, AI is providing new opportunities for the audiovisual industry to improve the efficiency and quality of its processes and create new forms of content and experiences. It is also taking repetitive tasks off the plates of the humans who were previously burdened with them. As always, we are keeping a close eye on AI trends and AV innovation, and how the two can go hand-in-hand. 

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AI trends are everywhere right now, but how do they impact AV innovation?