How COVID-19 Affects Your Healthcare Facility’s AV Solutions

We all know the changes brought about by COVID-19 this year came about suddenly and with great force. Everyone has had to adapt; the medical community in particular. Aside from staffing up in order to meet increased patient loads or accommodate testing, how has your facility responded? Are you taking advantage of audio visual solutions for healthcare systems and healthcare digital signage that help you stay current and better navigate the complexities of the new coronavirus? If not, here are some tips.

1. Meet patient expectations.

There are audio visual solutions for healthcare systems that patients are beginning to expect, which fit new COVID-19 related norms like a glove. For example, you can use thermal image, temperature-based screening to quickly detect fevers upon a patients’ arrival so you can route them to appropriate areas of your facility. Another creative solution to use is sound masking. This is always important in medical environments to maintain privacy, but it’s become even more important as facilities are becoming overly crowded and privacy is more of a challenge than it was before.

2. Improve healthcare digital signage.

One of the main areas in which healthcare AV shines is digital signage. Use outdoor electronic signage or displays to direct patients and visitors where to park or what entrances to use, making the intake process more seamless. Proper signage can also eliminate the volume of questions your front desk staff has to answer. Furthermore, interactive signage can help educate patients who are waiting to be seen, empowering them to understand more about their conditions or forthcoming procedures.

3. Maximize technology.

And then, of course, it’s crucial to make the most of your tech. Mobile wayfinding and nurse call systems have become incredibly advanced in recent years and can play a key role in improving your patient and visitor experience and increasing your organization’s efficiency. There are also new types of technology, content and audio visual products that can suit your facility’s specific needs during COVID-19 (and in the future), even in temporary or reconfigured spaces.

If you’d like help identifying and implementing the right healthcare AV for your facility, call us today!